Your data is your data. No third parties.


Your data is yours forever. Markers does not share your data with any other customers or third-party providers, in any form (e.g., in aggregate, encrypted or unencrypted).

When you delete a document (or dataset) from Markers, it and any related labels are deleted completely from our database (i.e., they are not simply flagged or hidden). We retain 7 days of rotating backups, so it will take a week for your data to be completely purged from our backups.

Data Collection

Markers collects basic usage information through a self-hosted analytics service so that no analytics data ever reaches a third-party.

What does "basic usage information" entail? We track user events on our website and in the application to know what's working and what's not. Every event is sanitized (i.e., stripped of any customer data) before being sent and stored. Passwords and sensitive information are never logged. And everything's sent encrypted via SSL.

Want to opt out of data collection entirely? There's a plan for that.

Our enterprise plans do not include analytics and all logs are stored locally (useful when debugging a problem). No data, analytics or otherwise, is sent to our servers. Zilch. Nada.


Have questions? Drop us a line at or on Twitter at @markers_ai.